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New Chris McDaniel #mssen fundraising...

New Chris McDaniel #mssen fundraising missive – ‘Henry Barbour’s Liberal Connections’

By: Magnolia Tribune - August 8, 2014

We officially filed our challenge on Monday.

Sadly, the Mississippi Republican Party declined to hold a hearing on the challenge. That is very unfortunate.

Because over the coming days, you will hear evidence regarding thousands of illegal or ineligible votes, most of which were cast by Democrats for Thad Cochran.

Soon we will file for judicial review of the election results, and it’s important that everyone knows about all the unfortunate oversights that happened in the June 24 election.

It’s also important we remember that there is a second front in this fight: the Republican Party’s has so far refused to hold those individuals who were responsible for the race-baiting ads to account.

We cannot let this behavior go unpunished. The Republican Party must stand up and condemn these divisive tactics.

Even worse, RNC Committeeman Henry Barbour has admitted to funding the race-baiting ads. This type of behavior does not belong in the Republican Party.

The Tea Party Express has published a report that details much of what we know about the race-baiting in this case study. I recommend you read it and share it with your network.

Remember, Republicans engaged in this race-baiting. And not just any Republicans—the leaders of the Party in our state. They all but outright called good conservative Mississippians racists.

And not only did they use money given by Republican donors to finance the despicable ads, they also used $250,000 which was donated by pro-abortion, pro-gun control activist Michael Bloomberg.

Even worse, they also hired a known Democrat Strategy firm to assist them with their efforts. The firm’s clients include Barack Obama, Planned Parenthood, anti-gun rights groups, and radical environmentalists.

These are the politics of division—not the politics of a new, growing, prospering Republican Party. Republicans should not operate in the realm of dividing men one from another. We should unite around our shared ideals.

The good news is there are some leaders out there who are willing to stand up to the Republican Establishment. Erick Erickson has been a strong voice, as has Ed Martin.

In case you’re not familiar, Ed Martin is the Chairman of the Missouri GOP. He is a true conservative leader. He has been among the few to stand up to the Barbour’s race-baiting tactics.

Ed has called for the censure of Henry Barbour for using such despicable tactics, and we ask that you support him in that.

You can contact the RNC here, or let them know on Facebook and Twitter (@GOP) that you stand with Ed in his call for censure.

This is a two front battle, and we need all the help we can get. Please chip in $50 or $75 to help us fund our legal fight. And of course, keep a look out for more information coming on the legal challenge.

Thank you for your continued support.

In liberty,
Chris McDaniel

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