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SouthMS Tea Party hopes to show...

SouthMS Tea Party hopes to show “there is a good chance Cochran will lose the general” at NCF #MSSen

By: Magnolia Tribune - July 30, 2014

Group plans to ‘confront’ Sen. Cochran

“If we don’t show grassroots disgust with what and how they just stole an election for Cochran, then the story will be what a wonderful lovefest Thad, Haley, Phil, Delbert and Pickering had at the Neshoba County Fair as united strong Republican conservatives!” the statement said.

Tea party organizer Barry Neyrey said individuals are being urged to attend only to be “visible” and “respectful.”

“Chris’ talking will be done by the evidence of corruption that he presents to the GOP and the court,” he said.

“I expect there will be plenty of booing but since Tea Party folks are generally respectful people, I doubt there will be any heckling,” Neyrey said.

“I’m hoping there will be as many McDaniel supporters as Cochran supporters to show there is a good chance Cochran will lose the general.”

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