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@SamRHall beclowns @ChuckCJohnson for...

@SamRHall beclowns @ChuckCJohnson for lifting photos & offering @BuzzFeed plagiarism bounty #mssen

By: Magnolia Tribune - July 29, 2014

Blogger offers Buzzfeed plagiarism bounty but steals photos himself

Charles C. Johnson, the self-proclaimed journalist who has described himself as a pajama-class blogger, has issued a $100 bounty for each instance of plagiarism committed by Buzzfeed that his dear readers can provide him.

Johnson is not at all trying to hide the reason behind the bounty: “BuzzFeed wrote a factually inaccurate piece against me relying on opposition research from Cory Booker’s team …. Yep, this is payback.”

Now, here’s the ironic part. The man who has issued a bounty for proof of stealing other people’s words is stealing other people’s photographs.

He has used at least three photographs that belong either to The Hattiesburg American or The Associated Press in the 12 posts he has published since starting last month.

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