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Civil Rights Icon Charles Evers –...

Civil Rights Icon Charles Evers – ‘And this McDaniel boy? He’s sick. Young sick white boy.’ #msse

By: Magnolia Tribune - July 3, 2014

Full Interview with Charles Evers, older brother of Medgar Evers, on black voting in the Mississippi GOP Runoff.

David Kenney(WLBT):
What is your reaction to the latest in the Senate race and the African-American voters taking control of the vote?
Charles Evers:
We did(take control) and I want to…and that damn preacher over there in Meridian they ought to hang him. I don’t want to see any preacher, and I’m gonna be on there(his radio show) tonight, to take money for us. He’s a lie. And I’m gonna tell all these black preachers if I find out any of them have done it(take money), I’m going to expose them to the hilt.
No one can say that Charles Evers ever took a dime, and no one supports Thad Cochran more than I did. On radio, I went all over the state and I got all the black radio stations to support Thad Cochran. Nobody gave me a dime. Thad Cochran never offered me a quarter, never asked him for it. It’s the right thing to do. Thad Cochran was the best of two evils, and he has done so much for Mississippi, not for black folks, for Mississippi(as a whole).
Thad Cochran was the first ever Senator to take a black man to Washington as his Administrative Assistant: Nehemiah Flowers. And Thad saved the Jackson Medical Mall, and he got millions of dollars coming into Mississippi. And the money is coming to who? Mississippians. Look at the blacks and whites building highways. Look at the blacks and whites building all these Federal Buildings.
And this McDaniel boy? He’s sick. Young sick white boy. He’ll never turn nothing back(in time). Let me tell you right now, we’ll die and go to hell three times son(addressing camera) before you turn anything back, and you’ll never win nothing as long as I’m around here; as long as black folks can vote, and decent white folks. Put that in his pipe and smoke it.

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