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Congressman Steven Palazzo:...

Congressman Steven Palazzo: “Health care is deteriorating” under Obamacare

By: Magnolia Tribune - March 24, 2014

Palazzo: “health care is deteriorating” under Obamacare

Representative Steven Palazzo was in Columbia last week, to visit the Pioneer Aerospace manufacturing facility.

People without health insurance have just a few days left to apply for coverage this year through the Obamacare Marketplace. March 31st is the deadline.

The government says five million folks have enrolled so far, but that hasn’t convinced Representative Steven Palazzo (R-4th Dist.) that the law is a good thing.

“We’re losing jobs, people are losing hours, premiums are going up, health care is deteriorating,” he said. “It’s everything we tried to warn the American people about. It’s becoming reality and now we have to just basically, it looks like, win the Senate and hold the House and then we can start sending bills to the president, that he’s going to be either forced to veto or forced to sign, to provide relief to the American people, because they so desperately need it right now.”


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