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Democrats targeting Gunn

Democrats targeting Gunn

By: Magnolia Tribune - January 22, 2014

Bless his heart, Ryan Brown over at Cottonmouth has conspiracy theories about Mississippi Speaker Philip Gunn and Republicans in general on his mind
quite a bit as of late.

I, for one, know how that can be. Some Democrats once thought I was obsessed with Billy McCoy. The difference, however, is facts.

Brown wrote in a recent CM piece that “power hungry” Gunn was acting out of the ordinary, saying, “Legislation with a direct financial impact on local communities and counties has typically been referred to the Local and Private Legislation Committee and handled there; no longer is that the case. Speaker Gunn has taken it upon himself to weaken the Local and Private Committee by enhancing the power of the Rules Committee, which is chaired by one of Gunn’s top lieutenants and Tea Party sweetheart Rep. Mark Formby of Pearl River County.”

Speaker Pro Tem Greg Snowden appeared on the Paul Gallo Show on Supertalk radio Wednesday morning and disputed the claims Brown made saying, “Ryan Brown is full of it.”

From the YallPolitics Memory Division, Ryan was a key driver of the HOME Mississippi efforts in years past which was a shadow funded operation that tried to pass itself off as being non-partisan. HOME Mississippi would regularly lob bombs and innuendo of all kinds, but there was no one claiming credit other than some nameless, faceless, soft-money backed anonymous site.

When folks will say or do anything in politics, watch out. At least he’s come out of the shadows at Cottonmouth and started putting his name on things, but the results are sadly about the same.

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