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Will Longwitz on polling in SD 25...

Will Longwitz on polling in SD 25 runoff

By: Magnolia Tribune - August 8, 2011

Will Longwitz Campaign for Senate District 25 today called on his opponent, Charles Barbour, to immediately halt his campaign of negative push polling. The push poll has been reportedly conducted over the past two days. Those receiving the calls have been asked if they would vote for Longwitz if it were known that he misstated his rating from the NRA.

“To say I have misrepresented my rating from the NRA is ridiculous,” said Longwitz. “It’s clear as day to anyone that I received an ‘A’ rating from the NRA. I have a copy of the letter displayed on my website. Charles knows this. It’s despicable that he would spend money to smear my name in such an underhanded way. I have been a very dedicated member of the Republican Party and the TEA Party, and stand very firmly behind all constitutional principles, including our Second Amendment rights.”

The push poll reportedly also indicates that the two candidates agreed to not resort to negative campaigning.

“The only deal I have with my opponent is the same deal I have with the voters of District 25, and that is to talk about how I would perform as their next State Senator. I don’t need to resort to back room political deals. Maybe that’s how he does business, but I won’t. I have a record of community service. The people I have had the pleasure of working alongside know what I stand for. The voters should be allowed to look at those qualifications and elect the right man for the job without being inundated with these playground antics. Charles apparently wants to treat this as some sort of game. He should stop this nonsense now and start talking about his record. I’m out talking with the voters about my record of service and the important issues like education funding, redistricting, and reducing government spending.”

Will Longwitz Press Release

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