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SH – To the incumbent go the...

SH – To the incumbent go the spoils

By: Magnolia Tribune - July 18, 2011

To the incumbent go the spoils

A list of some incumbency perks, advertising or “electioneering” that have been questioned recently and in the past.

n State of the … : Incumbents can call a state of the state, state of their district, state of whatever town-hall meeting, and such gatherings can be good for re-election prospects. They can also use government funds to pay for mailers and ads for such gatherings

Citizens have questioned two recent mailers by incumbent Harrison County Supervisors Connie Rockco and Windy Swetman announcing state-of-their-district gatherings. But neither mailer was funded by taxpayers. Rockco paid for her own, and Swetman’s was sponsored by a chamber of commerce. Rockco said that with the ailing economy and government budgets, she paid for her own mailout to avoid any backlash from citizens.

n This project brought to you by … : Visit a government-owned park, civic center, pier or rec center in South Mississippi. Chances are very good at least one politician has his or her name emblazoned somewhere thereabouts, taking credit for the project.

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