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Gannett DC bureau – Blue Dogs in...

Gannett DC bureau – Blue Dogs in a bad place

By: Magnolia Tribune - September 27, 2010

Gannett DC bureau – Blue Dogs in a bad place

Both parties launched ads in recent weeks attacking candidates about their positions on health care reform, ties to party leaders and other issues.

Much is at stake. Republicans need to win 39 seats to take over the majority in the House. Democrats, especially the fiscally conservative House Democrats known as Blue Dogs, are scrambling to hold onto their seats.

“The Blue Dogs are vulnerable,” said Carol Cassel, a political scientist at the University of Alabama. “They’re not in safe Democratic seats at all. … Some of the voters who helped sweep them in won’t be at the polls.”

Blue Dogs such as Reps. Travis Childers and Gene Taylor, both from Mississippi, and Bobby Bright of Alabama are defending themselves against fierce GOP assaults.


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