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NRCC points out that Gene...

NRCC points out that Gene Taylor’s (MS-4) choice for Speaker is pro-Stimulus, pro-cap and trade

By: Magnolia Tribune - September 27, 2010

SUNDAY FLASHBACK: “[Mississippi Rep. Gene] Taylor told The Hill that he’d like to see Skelton, a Missouri Democrat and chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, succeed Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) if Democrats retain a slimmer hold on the House after the November elections…‘What I would want is a Democratic nominee for Speaker that is much more in tune with what I believe,’ he said.” (Russell Berman, “Conservative Democrat Wants Skelton Over Pelosi as Party’s Next Speaker,” The Hill, 9/26/10)


Taylor’s politically opportunistic choice for Speaker of the House…

• Votes with Nancy Pelosi 94.7 percent of the time.
• Supported President Obama’s failed stimulus spending bill (House Roll Call 70).
• Supported the reckless $3.4 trillion Obama-Pelosi budget (House Roll Call 192).
• Supported the Obama-Pelosi National Energy Tax that could cost Mississippi nearly 11,000 jobs (House Roll Call 477).
• Voted for a permanent extension of the job-killing Death Tax (House Roll Call 929).
• Voted for the government bailout of Wall Street (House Roll Call 681).
• Voted to increase the federal debt limit by $2 trillion to a whopping $14 trillion (House Roll Call 46).


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