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Clarion Ledger editorial dings AG Jim...

Clarion Ledger editorial dings AG Jim Hood over misrepresenting secret settlement with State Farm

By: Magnolia Tribune - September 10, 2010

Today, the Clarion Ledger editorialized on the State Farm vs. Attorney General Jim Hood settlement.

From the editorial.

Hood told the public that the State Farm lawsuit was “thrown out” by a judge – but that was clearly not the whole truth.

The case apparently was settled and then dismissed because of that settlement.

What else is not known?

The attorney general represents the people of Mississippi and has been aggressive on matters related to insurance. That is his job and no one faults him for that.

However, the high-profile Katrina-related issues should have been completely in the open.

What could be more public than litigation that at the core was about how an insurance company treated Hurricane Katrina survivors?

Secrecy in the public’s business is always a mistake.

Neither Hood nor his press secretary Jan Schaffer has gone on the record to talk about their misrepresentations of the settlement directly.

Additional information is set to be unsealed when Courtney Schloemer’s in camera testimony will be unsealed shortly.

More information about the secret settlement can be found here.

State Farm vs. MS Attorney General Jim Hood – unsealed

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