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The 3-4 is this year’s campus...

The 3-4 is this year’s campus craze

By: Magnolia Tribune - August 22, 2010

The 3-4 is this year’s campus craze

The last thing you’d ever call most college football coaches is “trendy.” Joe Paterno isn’t wearing skinny jeans anytime soon, Jim Grobe most likely doesn’t have bands like Animal Collective or MGMT on his ipod, and I highly doubt Dennis Erickson spent the summer touring the country, doing the summer indie music festival circuit.

But when it comes to offensive and defensive game plans, college football coaches are no different than the 16-year-old girls wearing Silly Bandz at Justin Bieber concerts. Whether it’s the triple option, the Pistol, Wildcat/WildHog/WildFrog/Wild Rebel, the 3-3-5, or the spread offense — if it’s hip, trendy, and all the rage, they want in.

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