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Exploring scenarios for how expansion...

Exploring scenarios for how expansion dominos may fall

By: Magnolia Tribune - June 8, 2010

Exploring scenarios for how expansion dominos may fall

1. Notre Dame stays put (for now), Nebraska and Missouri pledge loyalty to the Big 12 and the Big Ten and Pac-10 go back to the drawing board.
It cannot be stated enough that Texas and its fellow reported South Division defectors would prefer to keep the current Big 12 intact. Sources say the league will command plenty of increased television revenue (albeit still not split equally) the next time it renegotiates its contracts. If Nebraska and Missouri officials decide it either too risky to wait on a Big Ten invite (long assumed to be their preference) or plain have a change of heart, Texas and Co. stay put, too. We go back to waiting to see if the Pac-10 makes a more modest expansion (Colorado and Utah?) and/or the Big Ten turns its attention East (Rutgers? Syracuse?).
One immediate domino: The Mountain West — currently waiting to see what happens with the Big 12 — goes ahead and invites Boise State.

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