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Alabama Crimson Tide: The Reality of...

Alabama Crimson Tide: The Reality of Repeating

By: Magnolia Tribune - April 4, 2010

Larry Burton (Panama City Beach, Fl) For Alabama fans giddy with the knowledge they return an undefeated quarterback, a Heisman-winning running back and perhaps the nation’s best receiver back for a second run a national championship, a quick look at history shows us that few have repeated…not even when they return most of the previous year’s championship team for another try.

Saban followed up his first BCS winning season with a very disappointing 9-3 encore despite being picked to contend for the title yet again.

Florida brought back most of its entire team after winning the title their last time, but they were thwarted in their efforts by Alabama and rather rudely shown the door in a smothering defeat.

In fact, in the entire 12-year span of the BCS series, no one has repeated as national champion. In fact, not since Nebraska did it in 1994 and 1995, has any team repeated as undisputed national champions.

It’s hard for a team to repeat as SEC Champions as well. Alabama may hold the title for most conference championships, but the Spurrier-led Gators of 1995 and 1996 were the last to go back-to-back as conference champions.

“Repeating is not the goal,” said Saban on the subject. “Winning is. When you take the opportunity to get better and win games things take care of themselves.” This from a coach who knows how to put things in perspective.

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