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MIM – Jamie Franks: Let’s...

MIM – Jamie Franks: Let’s Celebrate Obamacare With Taylor and Childers

By: Magnolia Tribune - March 24, 2010

Jamie Franks: Let’s Celebrate Obamacare With Taylor and Childers

The Mississippi Democrats doubled-down on declaring healthcare reform the greatest thing since slice bread as Jamie Franks penned an email to supporters reminding them of an upcoming fundraiser. Titled ‘Let’s Celebrate Healthcare Reform,’ Franks said this is an ‘exciting week to be a Democrat, especially in Mississippi.’

The email was sent in advance of the Democratic Elected Officials Appreciate Dinner, featuring former Gov. William Winter and Rep. Bennie Thompson. In addition to those two, other Democrats have been invited including Representatives Travis Childers and Gene Taylor. It would be mighty interesting if they showed up. After all, they opposed the legislation in 2009 and on Sunday as the party cheered it on.

Franks wants supporters to “come and say thank you to our Democratic elected officials for all of their hard work. And while we’re there, we can celebrate the good work of President Obama, Congressman Thompson and the Democratic leaders in Congress who helped pass comprehensive health care reform.”

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