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MIM – New Nationally Polling...

MIM – New Nationally Polling Shows Danger Signs For Childers

By: Magnolia Tribune - December 29, 2009

New Nationally Polling Shows Danger Signs For Childers

The first poll looked at the impact of Congress on the day-to-day lives of voters. Today, 74 percent say legislation being debated would have a significant impact on the lives- the highest level since Democrats regained control of Congress in 2007. As a reference, the number was at 52 percent in June. Why is this important? Because Republicans are more concerned about what Congress is doing than Democrats.

Under similar measure, 57 percent of voters now say it is important which party is in control. And while 57 percent of Democrats feel that way- 67 percent of GOP voters believe that to be true. These polls underscore the enthusiasm factor we will see in 2010. Republicans are not happy with the direction of Congress, want a Republican Congress, and may no longer be willing to accept a conservative Democrat who will vote for Nancy Pelosi. At the same time, Republicans have an eight-point edge (44 to 36) in the most recent generic vote poll.

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