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College football: FSU coach needs to...

College football: FSU coach needs to return to earth

By: Magnolia Tribune - February 28, 2009

College football: FSU coach needs to return to earth

FSU’s Rick Trickett is one of the best offensive line coaches in the business. But he’s not a coordinator. He doesn’t deserve coordinator money.

A blog post from Sentinel colleague Andrew Carter has Trickett’s lawyer saying Trickett returned to FSU out of loyalty , as if the money wasn’t close to what they wanted even though he already was making around $400,000 if you include a yearly bonus. If Trickett was a coordinator, the argument would be valid.

Trickett’s situation brings to mind Charlie Strong and the rest of the Florida Gators salaries. Strong has a couple of built-in incentives on top of that $310,000, but he didn’t make more than Trickett during the 2008 season. And Strong is a defensive coordinator of two national championship teams. Strong might be rewarded this offseason with a new deal rivaling some of the highest-paid coordinators. But that’s been expected and perhaps long overdue.
Trickett made more than any other Florida assistant last season, and yet he’s returning to FSU only because he’s such a loyal guy. Does anybody else find that a little silly, especially in this economic climate?

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