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Low bar for Paul Minor by dad –...

Low bar for Paul Minor by dad – ‘No public funds were stolen, nobody was hurt’

By: Magnolia Tribune - February 22, 2009

Minor Gets Three Hours with Dying Wife

Bill Minor, the father of convicted attorney and Democratic fundraiser Paul Minor, told the Jackson Free Press that his son only has three hours to visit his dying wife in Baton Rouge today.

“He told me last night that he was only given three hours and that he would have to be escorted by someone from the Pensacola prison,” Minor said. “I heard that he was cleared to get three days, but the local U.S. Attorney’s office intervened to reduce it to only three hours.”

“He shouldn’t be locked up in the first place. He should be out on bond. No public funds were stolen, nobody was hurt, and he was right and correct under state law.”

Jackson Free Press

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