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Singletary wants 49ers to be a family

Singletary wants 49ers to be a family

By: Magnolia Tribune - February 21, 2009

Singletary wants 49ers to be a family

Many assumed that Mike Singletary’s vision for the reborn 49ers would be that of a 53-man collective facsimile of himself on the field, a fire-breathing, snarling, attacking force.
That may end up happening on game days. But Singletary will not spend his first offseason as a head coach crafting Patrick Willis, Vernon Davis or Shaun Hill in his ferocious Hall of Fame image.
Singletary, who had a 5-4 record as an interim coach last season, insists he will not coach by intimidation. He will not lead his players with an iron hand.
He is now their father figure. The players will be his flock.

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