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Mike Leach’s air game routed Texas...

Mike Leach’s air game routed Texas Tech’s weak defense

By: Magnolia Tribune - February 20, 2009

Mike Leach’s air game routed Texas Tech’s weak defense

Of all the memorable scenes from an immensely memorable 2008 college football season, the surge of black-shirted Texas Tech fans engulfing the field at the end of Tech’s victory over Texas easily could be the most enduring.
It was a scene of unbridled joy. And validation. And love for their football team, and recognition of the long and dusty road the Tech football program had traveled.
Gerald Myers must not have been watching.
When most college football teams win, the head football coach is the most popular man in town — and often the most powerful.

Tech coach Mike Leach is no dummy, as his law degree attests. After a season in which the Red Raiders won their first 10 games, defeated Texas and rose to the nation’s No. 2 ranking, Leach knows his negotiating leverage is at an all-time high.

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