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Casey Clausen talks Vols, Montana,...

Casey Clausen talks Vols, Montana, Gretzky

By: Magnolia Tribune - February 15, 2009

Casey Clausen talks Vols, Montana, Gretzky

Former University of Tennessee quarterback Casey Clausen shared some insightful thoughts on recruiting during an appearance Thursday on the News Sentinel’s radio show, The Sports Page.
Clausen knows recruiting well enough to be an analyst. He and his two brothers were all recruited to play major college football and he’s mentoring two quarterback prospects, junior Nick Montana and sophomore Trevor Gretzky, at Oaks Christian Academy.

On new coach Lane Kiffin’s recruitment of California quarterbacks: “For a Southern California kid, the key is to get them on campus. If you can get them on campus and show them the facilities and the athletes running around all over the field, it is enticing to a kid.

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