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Morris: Jersey-gate could have been...

Morris: Jersey-gate could have been avoided (Spurrier)

By: Magnolia Tribune - February 11, 2009

Morris: Jersey-gate could have been avoided

Maybe it is because coaches become adept at making split-second decisions during games. Perhaps it is because coaches learn to make snap judgments on player evaluations. Or, maybe coaches feel compelled to throw their weight around.
Whatever the reason, those coaches have forced schools such as South Carolina to establish policies for dealing with retired jerseys. That way, knee-jerk decisions on retired jerseys are not permitted.

If only Steve Spurrier had checked to see if said policy exists, one of USC’s favorite sons and an entire fan base could have avoided three days of heartache and consternation. A simple check of policy could have spared its most recent football star the anxiety that goes with knowing his jersey might be retired.

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