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Daily Mississippian Editorial slams...

Daily Mississippian Editorial slams Dickie Scruggs

By: Magnolia Tribune - February 10, 2009

No love for Dickie this time

While one might first imagine that Scruggs would be glad to return to his alma mater, this visit is hardly one to celebrate. Dickie faces another round of charges that could significantly delay his estimated 2012 release date.

Scruggs’ original charges were simple and straightforward; this time, the waters are a bit more murky.

“Scruggs II” appears to have been built on information that came to light in the original investigation.

New allegations say that Scruggs and company brought in an attorney in secret and made improper contact with Judge Bobby DeLaughter.

Guilty pleas are again widely expected. This time Dickie won’t likely experience the outpouring of goodwill he saw during the previous round of charges, trial and sentencing. Prosecutors are surely more confident and the defense will almost certainly be looking for a plea.

Once again The Daily Mississippian feels it is a shame that one of our university’s most prominent alumni has fallen so far. This time the surprise is gone, the sympathy is gone and the reality is here: Our state’s legal system has been filled with corruption that paved the way for some prominent attorneys to make millions.

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