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What we learned from recruiting season

What we learned from recruiting season

By: Magnolia Tribune - February 9, 2009

What we learned from recruiting season

10. Game on … It’s football time in Tennessee
Call it a publicity stunt, call it silliness, call it a welcome to the SEC, junior, moment.

Tennessee’s Lane Kiffin complained, accused and whined about Florida and head coach Urban Meyer allegedly calling wide receiver Nu’Keese Richardson over and over again when he was visiting Knoxville. Richardson eventually signed with Tennessee, but that didn’t stop Kiffin from accusing Meyer and Florida of cheating, only to later take it back and apologize after being scolded by the SEC.
There are three things that don’t last long. Dogs that chase cars, pro golfers who chip for pars and SEC coaches who don’t/can’t tweak, cajole, stretch and massage the recruiting rules to their outer limits. In the kill-and-be-killed world of the SEC, Kiffin had better get used to the ruthless life in the big-boy league and he’ll have to get used to everyone trying to dance with his dates.

Of course, the young Tennessee head coach also fired this shot as the first statement in the somewhat dormant Volunteers-Gators rivalry. Why not fire up the fan base? Why not stir the hornet’s nest and inject a little nastiness back into it?

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