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Bob Knight interested in UGA job

Bob Knight interested in UGA job

By: Magnolia Tribune - February 1, 2009

Bob Knight interested in UGA job

If you are one of those Bulldogs deeply distressed about the course of basketball at the University of Georgia, I have promising news for you. How would you like to have Bob Knight coaching your team?
This is the man who won 902 games, most in college history, then decided it was time to find life outside Lubbock, Texas. Nothing wrong with Lubbock, but when he went to Texas Tech about six years ago, it was like setting up shop in a desert, as college basketball goes. When he suddenly quit about a year ago, he thought he’d had enough. Georgia offers another kind of chance in a highly visible conference.

It can be done, but as you’d imagine, only if done his way. His way:

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