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Texas beat Oklahoma but got the shaft

Texas beat Oklahoma but got the shaft

By: Magnolia Tribune - December 2, 2008

Texas beat Oklahoma but got the shaft

This being America and all, I’ll never understand the near-violent opposition to sportswriters settling college sports’ No. 1 debate at the ballot box.

There should be no surprise that Associated Press and Harris Poll voters picked the right team in the Oklahoma-Texas debate. Meanwhile, the coaches’ poll and I’ll presume several computer rankings screwed up the Big 12 South standings, giving the Sooners a slight edge in the BCS standings and sending them to the Big 12 championship game at Arrowhead Stadium.
The AP poll is composed of mostly legitimate journalists. The Harris poll is made up of a mixture of journalists, former coaches and players.

AP and Harris voters could comprehend a simple, unavoidable fact: On a neutral field, Texas beat Oklahoma 45-35 this season.

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