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Greenspan’s exit from IU...

Greenspan’s exit from IU athletics long overdue

By: Magnolia Tribune - June 28, 2008

Greenspan’s exit from IU athletics long overdue

And now, the epitaph can be written on Rick Greenspan’s reign of (t) error at Indiana University.
He may not have completely destroyed IU’s basketball program — he had some help — but the misguided athletic director brought one of the nation’s legendary programs to its knees.

Finally, Greenspan is gone, although he will finish out the year as a lame duck, not to mention a dead duck.
Let the celebration at Nick’s begin.
It’s taken a while, and it’s required the added scrutiny of the NCAA’s watchdogs, but we are now getting a clear idea of how thoroughly and painfully mismanaged IU’s basketball program was.
It was bad enough that IU scraped the bottom of the barrel and hired Kelvin Sampson, a guy known far and wide as a cheater. But then the Hoosiers brought him to Bloomington and failed to properly monitor his work, at least according to the NCAA. It was like hiring a burglar to watch your house, then failing to install security cameras.

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