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BOWWOW – Y’allPolitics Serves Up Some Rubbish (allegedly)

By: Magnolia Tribune - June 28, 2008

by Alan Lange

In Legal Schnauzer’s piece Y’all Politics Serves Up Some Rubbish , the author contends that I have my “head firmly buried in the Mississippi Mud” with regards to the post I wrote about the habitual “buffing up” of Paul Minor. Truthfully, I’ve been accused of worse.

Here is the simple fact that no one can get away from – A duly selected jury of Minor’s peers looked at the evidence and concluded him to be guilty. Not Legal BOWWOW, Larissa Alexandrovna, or I were in that courtroom. But at the end of the day, there were legitimate charges made that were reviewed and revised and refined by career (not political) appointees. A mountain of evidence that was laid out in the indictment was presented, and the jury concluded beyond a reasonable doubt that Minor was guilty. The end.

Now, anyone can say what they want about the Bush Justice Department run amok or that Don Seigelman was railroaded. However, there is a trainload of evidence that . . .

1. Minor contributed to Teel and Whitfield, from whom he received favorable rulings from (which does not imply guilt, per se).

2. He did so in the forms of loans that were, in several cases, strung out over time and habitually renewed only days after receiving those rulings and

3. He used strawmen (including Dickie Scruggs) to hide his transactions (because he knew they clearly implied guilt) and solicited funds from other attorneys to pay off the loans and expressly stated a quid pro quo.

I have read the indictment and quoted from it extensively. That was the burden the government laid out for themselves. I have read the evidence. I have read the transcripts. I am in the correct on this one. And as much wailing and gnashing of teeth about this being a set up, they (BOWWOW, etc.) are simply and fundementally unable to go to the court record and prove Minor’s innocence in any way, shape or form.

The truth is evident. Their version of it is not, however.

Of course, when you are losing your argument, the best thing to do is to accuse someone of being “xenophobic” as BOWWOW did to me. If it weren’t so hysterically typical, it’d be sad.

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