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GREGG ELLIS:SEC has its skeptics...

GREGG ELLIS:SEC has its skeptics … and lots of hardware, too

By: Magnolia Tribune - June 20, 2008

GREGG ELLIS:SEC has its skeptics … and lots of hardware, too

TUPELO – OK, Green Bay owns first rights on the “Titletown” moniker. No arguing that point.
But if there’s a conference that’s just as worthy of such a description, it’s the SEC.
Down here in the South, y’all have been sayin’ all along that the Southeastern Conference is the kingpin of collegiate athletics.
And you know what? You’re right. Pin-point accuracy right.
No league has come close to matching the dominance the SEC has showcased in recent years. For further proof, ask Ohio State.

The Buckeyes, the richest school of all in terms of budget figures, according to a recent Sports Illustrated study, have been denied three national titles in the last 18 months due to their inability to conquer and defeat SEC foes.

It started with the 41-14 thumping Florida delivered in 2007 for the BCS crown, followed by the Gators’ emphatic 84-75 victory to win the basketball title.

And let’s not forget the January pasting LSU enjoyed on the gridiron en route to another championship with its 38-24 win.

The point here isn’t to pick on Ohio State. It’s to show how the best outside of the SEC just can’t stack up at the crowning moments.

Look at the last two years.

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