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The 10 NFL Off-Season Moves With The...

The 10 NFL Off-Season Moves With The Biggest Potential Of Impact

By: Magnolia Tribune - June 19, 2008

The 10 NFL Off-Season Moves With The Biggest Potential Of Impact

In one of the most active, exciting NFL off-seasons in quite some time, the 2008 free agency period gave all of those suffering football withdrawals plenty to whet their appetites… or at least it did for me. Please tell me I’m not the only one who suffers from football withdrawals.

What follows is a nice concise list of the 10 off season events which have the biggest potential to impact everything in which they’ve come into contact with. It’s not a top ten because I figured it wouldn’t behoove me to try and rank things that haven’t happened yet and then try and pass it off as fact. History has a tendency to be unkind to people who try that sort of thing.
Brett Favre’s and Michael Strahan’s retirements
Why did I bunch these two retirements together you ask? Well, not only are their respective retirements likely to have a huge impact on their former teams, but they are also out of work at precisely the same time. And what do we know about NFL pre-game shows and recently retired players? That’s right, they facking love them!

Brett Favre and Michael Strahan are both the kind of people who have always tried to find the funny in life and I believe it would be a monumental moment should both of them land on the same pre-game show. It would change millions of American’s Sunday mornings for the better. Even if the two of them never team up, I’m confident at least one of them will try their hand in TV.

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