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Applaud Saban for donation

Applaud Saban for donation

By: Magnolia Tribune - June 11, 2008

Applaud Saban for donation

Nick Saban gave away a million bucks over the weekend. It was a good thing, right?
Not according to some Auburn fans who troll the Internet like scavengers of the night.
But do they have a point? Remember some Alabama fans had raised eyebrows over Tommy Tuberville’s much-publicized and hotly debated trip to the Middle East.

Nick and Terri Saban, Alabama’s first family, donated $1 million for first-generation college students to attend the University of Alabama. This is important to the Sabans since they were the first in their respective families to attend college.
Upon hearing the news, I did a quick perusal of the Internet, particularly among Auburn message boards. I was surprised when the first post was positive, saying: “I hate Nick Saban, but this is a good thing.”
Then the floodgates opened and the Alabama-Auburn rivalry began to resemble Israel and Hezbollah.

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