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Football player or sprinter?...

Football player or sprinter? LSU’s Holliday on track in both

By: Magnolia Tribune - May 31, 2008

Football player or sprinter? LSU’s Holliday on track in both

They’re still trying to find a label for Trindon Holliday.

If it’s easy to master the Three Rs in the classroom, then it must be advanced calculus to nail down the Three Rs for the LSU junior. Is he a running back? A returner? A receiver? In varying degrees he’s all of those things, just not often enough to be more than a complimentary player so far for the national champions.

In Beijing this summer there could be an equally confounding riddle. What’s that equipment manager doing in the blocks for the U.S. in the 100-meter final?

Answer: That 5-foot-6 dude? That’s our guy, Trindon, chasing an Olympic medal.

Holliday’s story would be easier to figure out if we could slap a designation on him. But this is the USA — United States of Absolute. We like our idols American, our beer lite and our sitcoms formulaic. In two seasons as LSU’s super-fast secret weapon, Holliday has been hard to chase down on two surfaces. Harder to define, in general.

In football, Holliday has touched the ball only 95 times in two seasons (3.5 per game), averaging 12.7 yards every time he has done so. As a track star, he is one of the fastest sprinters in the country — maybe the world — with a chance to make the U.S. Olympic team next month.

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