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Gallo Notes- Other Things We’ve...

Gallo Notes- Other Things We’ve Learned.

By: Magnolia Tribune - May 14, 2008

Gallo Notes-May 14, 2008

We’ve learned that the individual voter’s political awareness about the issues at hand is about at the same percentage as our graduation rate. We’ve learned that “economic angst” trumps political party lines or personal endorsements. We’ve learned that a democrat candidate can never campaign too far right. We’ve learned that a large media buy for a republican candidate can be totally neutralized by one fill-up at a gas station.
We’ve learned that the Appalachian voters still embrace the Democrat Party of their fathers and grandfathers, even though it no longer exists in the same form. We’ve learned that democrats do a far better job in negative advertising while at the same time denouncing negative advertising. We’ve learned that the power of political parties comes in cycles and for the GOP, the downside has a ways to go.

Was it the candidate, the campaign, the economy, voter fatigue, or maybe a combination of all the aforementioned? I don’t know. I do know that what the Conservative movement needs stateside and nationally is the emergence of new “guns”; those who are willing to fight and never back down for real conservative values. That may be coming sooner than you think. If Barack Obama wins in November and the numbers continue to shift to democrats, the pressure of keeping this country safe will be totally in their hands. God forbid we have another attack, but if it happens, the Bush legacy of fighting terrorism may be seen with a lot more clarity by even those without a lot of political awareness.

Paul Gallo
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