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John Elway: Overrated QB, or Savior to...

John Elway: Overrated QB, or Savior to Denver fans?

By: Magnolia Tribune - April 25, 2008

John Elway: Overrated QB, or Savior to Denver fans?
Recently, I got to experience something disturbing. It was mentally unstable, openly hostile, and if it was in person, I think it would have tried to eat children.
Surprisingly, it wasn’t a Raider fan, but just the opposite.

I was on the other end, of a Denver Bronco fan’s tirade, about who was the most overrated QB in NFL history?
To me, putting Elway at the top of this list, was like telling someone that Jesus Christ wasn’t the Son of God. Two guys, in particular, were openly livid, actively sending snide comments, instead of actually defending their QB. One’s opinion, was that my opinion didn’t matter, because, “I’m a Stupid Raider fan”.

Funny, last time I heard, I’m not even mentioned on John Elway’s stats page, either.

Here’s the major problems, I have with Elway’s greatness:

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