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You too can sign the ‘Save Dickie...

You too can sign the ‘Save Dickie Scruggs’ petition . . . no, I’m not kidding

By: Magnolia Tribune - April 17, 2008

Save Dickie Scruggs Petition

Target:No jail time for Dickey Scruggs
Sponsored by: Joey Carney and concerned citizens

Dickey Scruggs has beat big tobbacco , this was huge victory for smoke related deaths and health issues for the entire United States . This money is in a fund for smoke related research and issues dealing with tobbacco . Dickey Scruggs was a heroe to most people in the USA . In light of this fact and especially being a firts time offender with no prior record it is only fair that Dickey Scruggs receive probation only in this matter . Why do drug dealers only get sentenced after so many arrests ? I don’t think its fair to treat Dickey Scruggs worse then a drug dealer . So now is the time for America to stand up and voice their opinion on this important issue . Stand up strong and vote only probation for Dickey Scruggs , no jail time .

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April 17, 2008

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