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Gallo Notes 4/17

Gallo Notes 4/17

By: Magnolia Tribune - April 17, 2008


Whoa! Prentiss County Chancery Clerk Travis Childers gets the endorsement from the members and officers in District Four of the MS Coroners Association! So, what’s that, six people? What makes this kind of weird is that Mr. Childers owns, among other things, the Landmark Nursing Center and something called the Landmark Community. I’m sure the senior citizen voters in the nursing home appreciated the coroners’ endorsement. One other Gallo note, it’s my understanding from a lot of folks in that area that Mr. Childers was in business for a while with the former lawyer who tried to bribe a judge. You’ll remember his name, Joey Langston.

The good people of the 1st District have an important decision next Tuesday and it’s a short span of time to learn everything they need to know about the candidates to make the right choice for U.S. Congressman. I’ve invited Mr. Childers on the Program but haven’t received a confirmation. Do I have questions? You betcha. I’m sure he can adequately answer most if not all of them; questions about the Pickwick Pine Resort, real estate dealings, Joey Langston, tax filings, a certain airport runway expansion and more.

Gallo Notes: On Senator Gary Jackson Interview- I try to keep up with every facet of news. How did I miss Senator Jackson’s revelation on the show about animal bones in the retort of that crematory? Sen. Jackson stated language had to be inserted into the new legislation that prohibited animals from being cremated. If you’re wondering, the answer is NO, there wasn’t a law previous. Can you imagine Dick, Jane AND Spot in the same urn?

GALLO NOTES: Talk about topical. Former CBS news veteran and recent Fox News contributor Bernard Goldberg was on with me to hype his “Crazies to the Left, Wimps to the Right”. The Mississippi Conservative Coalition threatened “shock and awe” to the very McCoy foundation pertaining to HB 520. What we got was a lesson in captivation and capitulation. Speaker McCoy closed the doors of his office and cut a sweet deal with their leadership that left the rest of the Conservative Coalition in a daze. What happened? How much damage has been done to the CC? We’ll ask them on Friday’s show. Phillip Gunn, Herb Frierson and Mark Baker, representatives one and all, will join me at 7 a.m.

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