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FOLO – One less headache for the...

FOLO – One less headache for the beef-plant defendants – UPDATED

By: Magnolia Tribune - April 14, 2008

One less headache for the beef-plant defendants – UPDATED

The Clarion-Ledger reports that Facility Group (whose recently-indicted CEO is NMC’s client in the federal “beef plant” conspiracy-and-mail-fraud prosecution) has settled with subcontractors Upchurch Plumbing, Harrell’s Metal Works, A&B Electrical Co., Panola Construction Co., Tri State Insulation Co., Ram Electric Co., Engineering-Environmental Management, United Piping, and Kragel Inc. for the full $695,883.60 the nine companies sought. They worked on the construction of the failed beef plant in Oakland, MS.

Jimmie Gates’s story indicates plenty more opportunity for lawyering where this came from, though. In addition to the federal indictments of three Facility Group executives, NMC can look forward to dealing with Jim Hood’s Hinds County lawsuit for more than $9 million for Mississippi taxpayers and other subcontractors (no trial date set on that one, but Hood says he’s amending that suit to add fraud claims).


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