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Hood: Boys and Girls Clubs can count on...

Hood: Boys and Girls Clubs can count on the money

By: Magnolia Tribune - February 23, 2008

Hood: Boys and Girls Clubs can count on the money

Attorney General Jim Hood said Boys and Girls Clubs in Mississippi will receive $800,000 they are anxiously awaiting after a court case is wrapped up.

Almost a year ago, the Legislature appropriated the money from a $5 million settlement State Farm insurance companies paid Hood’s office in January 2007 in exchange for his promise to end an investigation of Katrina claims handling practices.

The settlement also covers the cost of Hood’s criminal investigation of State Farm. Hood said he had to put the settlement money in trust when State Farm sued him last fall, claiming he had breached his agreement to stop the investigation. The lawsuit was settled, with terms of the settlement placed under seal, on Feb. 7.

Hood said the funds can be released only after a 30-day waiting period for appeals.

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