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David Landrum Voted in the 2003 GOP...

David Landrum Voted in the 2003 GOP Primary and 2003 General Election, Voter Sign-In Book Proves

By: Magnolia Tribune - February 23, 2008

The David Landrum for Congress campaign is releasing documents proving that allegations made by Third District Candidate John Rounsaville at a press conference in Meridian earlier this week were not only false but reckless and disingenuous.

The campaign took this unusual step today to respond to the attacks after several media outlets reported the false allegations.

“The truth was a casualty earlier this week, and it is time to set the record straight,” said Neil Forbes, campaign manager for the David Landrum campaign. “David not only voted in these elections but participated in the political process by volunteering his time and resources to Gov. Haley Barbour’s transition team in 2003 and other important community service during this period.”

After a recent move to Hinds County, David Landrum registered to vote and then voted by affidavit in the City of Jackson for both the 2003 GOP Primary and the 2003 General Election. The signatures copied from the actual voter-sign in books prove that David and his wife Jill voted in both of these elections.

During the 2003 election cycle, David Landrum lived in Jackson where he voted in District 1, Precinct 78, in the GOP Primary and the General Election. During the 2007 election cycle, David Landrum lived in Madison County and voted in the 2007 GOP Primary and the General Election.

“Any statement to the contrary about David’s voting record is a personal, misleading attack. The 2007 Lt. Governor’s GOP Primary proved that voters are tired of politicians who will say and do anything in an attempt to win an election,” Forbes said. “David Landrum has always been open, honest, and forthright about his beliefs, his stances on the issues, and his ability to use his business experience to help bring jobs to Mississippi, and his service to our country as an Army Veteran,” Forbes said.

David will continue to travel the district meeting with Mississippians, listening to what concerns Third District residents have and talking about issues that are important to Mississippi and the country, Forbes said.

“This campaign will not turn into a mudslinging contest like that of 2007. Mississippi voters deserve better,” Forbes said.

David Landrum Campaign Release

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