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SH – Government releases...

SH – Government releases Scruggs’ taped conversations with transcripts

By: Magnolia Tribune - February 20, 2008

Government releases Scruggs’ taped conversations with transcripts

The Scruggses and Backstrom will argue at the hearing that Biggers should dismiss the charges against them because of “outrageous” government conduct, or grant them separate trials. Because of pre-trial publicity, they also argue that any trial should be moved from Oxford.

The government is expected to contend the three conspired together and should be tried together.

A tape of the Nov. 1 meeting indicates that Balducci went to the Scruggs Law Firm with a draft copy of an order to be issued by Lackey. By this time, the government alleges, Balducci already had delivered $30,000 to Lackey for a favorable ruling in the dispute that involved division of $26 million in legal fees.

Balducci discussed the order in some detail with Zach Scruggs and Backstrom before popping into Dickie Scruggs’ office to go over it with him, according to the tape.

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