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Rounsaville Comments on Last...

Rounsaville Comments on Last Night’s Debate

By: Magnolia Tribune - February 19, 2008

Tonight at the second in a series of four debates scheduled by the Stennis Institute of Government, John Rounsaville, a candidate for Congress in Mississippi’s Third Congressional District, showed why he is the candidate with the strongest experience, deepest convictions, and greatest ability to succeed Chip Pickering in Congress.

Rounsaville, a former senior aide to Congressman Chip Pickering and a top advisor to Governor Barbour, made his experience and conservative convictions clear as he answered questions about how to deal with rising health care costs, keep our promise to America’s veterans, and expand economic development and job creation.

Danny O’Driscoll, a spokesman for Rounsaville, said, “John Rounsaville again made the case for why he is the most experienced conservative choice voters have in the upcoming primary election on March 11th. His decade of experience as a senior aide to Governor Barbour and Congressman Pickering has clearly prepared him to best take on the challenging issues that will face our next Congressman.

“There was only one other candidate that stood out tonight and that was David Landrum,” continued O’Driscoll. “While John Rounsaville was taking his positions directly to Mississippi voters, David Landrum again refused to show up at a debate. If he doesn’t have enough confidence to debate here in Mississippi, can we really believe that he’ll take on Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats in Congress?”

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