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REDBLUE – Huey Long had nothing...

REDBLUE – Huey Long had nothing on Jim Hood

By: Magnolia Tribune - February 19, 2008

Huey Long had nothing on Jim Hood

Then Mr. Hood writes this whopper: “[N]o amount of criticism, threats or attacks will stop the office of attorney general from simply doing the right thing. So the pundits will continue speculating. The bloggers will keep on blogging. And my critics will yell and squeal the loudest. They offer no solutions, of course, only empty words.”

Really, Mr. Hood. How about doing the “right thing” and prosecuting the self-professed felons who also happen to be among your key campaign contributors? And by the way, I’ve already offered you a solution to your claim that prosecuting your friends would “create the appearance of impropriety.” Appoint someone else to do it on behalf of your office.

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