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FOLO – Patterson and Balducci...

FOLO – Patterson and Balducci talk about P.L. Blake

By: Magnolia Tribune - February 14, 2008

Patterson and Balducci talk about P.L. Blake

Balducci then responds, “Well, that’s exactly what I was gonna tell him today, is that I was just gonna tell him that I’ve taken care of somethin’ you and I had gotten handled and that I was gonna get you to talk to P.L. and let P.L. visit with him at some point.” [I can’t tell who “him” is?]

Patterson: I’ve already done that, I mean, all I’ve, P.L. doesn’t know what it’s about or anything, he just, he does the amount, but..

Balducci: What’d you tell him?

Patterson: Forty.

Balducci: Ok, so you didn’t pad it?

Patterson: No, uh…

Balducci: Great job. Way to go.

Patterson: Yeah, I just told him the truth.

Patterson then said “do I got ahead and take care of it or what? And he said, yeah, go ahead and take care of it. I said, well, we’ve already taken care of half of it.” Balducci, having just left Lackey, said “I’ma just reinforce that this morning. I just stopped buy his office um, to pick up that thing that Sid [Backstrom] had gotten for me… ”


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