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YP – Hood & Scruggs...

YP – Hood & Scruggs Compelled to Testify in SF v. Hood

By: Magnolia Tribune - January 25, 2008

Hot off the presses, an order filed yesterday in Federal Court orders Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood and Dickie Scruggs to testify in State Farm v. Hood.

This is really huge news.

As you will remember, Hood was compelled to testify the day after his election and begged the Court to not force him to do so. Then representatives from State Farm and Hood’s office agreed to indefinitely cease hostilities. Hood voluntarily chose to terminate that agreement, as both sides were free to do, and the result now seems that he has stepped in it big time.

The scope of testimony may well include determining if Hood’s criminal efforts against State Farm were coordinated with the civil efforts undertaken by Dickie Scruggs, Mike Moore and others. Scruggs is also being ordered to be deposed. Conceivably, he might take the 5th Amendment protection given his criminal matters pending in both the Lackey bribery case, Judge Acker’s contempt case and other action(s) that may be filed along with the ongoing federal investigation.

Stay tuned. This is big news in the YallPolitics Nation.

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