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EJ – Justice: Court will ‘get...

EJ – Justice: Court will ‘get to bottom’ of Scruggs case

By: Magnolia Tribune - January 24, 2008

Justice: Court will ‘get to bottom’ of Scruggs case

Lackey reported the alleged bribe overture to federal authorities and agreed to assist them in the probe.

“But I’m confident to know that the judge involved, even if this turns out to be true, did the right thing,” he said. “He did exactly what he was required to do.”
Smith said he does not know if the allegations against Scruggs are true, but added, “I do know this — it poses a serious question to be dealt with.

“I am confident that we will get to the bottom of this, and I am confident that the Bar and the judiciary of this state will come out of this (in) a much better situation,” he said.

If the issue comes before the court, he said, “let me assure you that the Supreme Court will deal quickly and professionally with anything that comes of this. Rest assured of that.”

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