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WHITECOLLAR – Could Scruggs Lose...

WHITECOLLAR – Could Scruggs Lose His Tobacco Settlement Fees?

By: Magnolia Tribune - January 24, 2008

Could Scruggs Lose His Tobacco Settlement Fees?

Thus, while some might question whether the fees Scruggs received from the tobacco litigation were fair, that money is not directly at risk in a forfeiture action because there is no claim that I’m aware of regarding bribery or other violations in the conduct of that litigation. The cost of his defense is another issue, and his attorney, John Keker, was viewed by Barry Bonds as being on the expensive side, but then I doubt Scruggs will struggle to pay these costs given the strong reputation of Keker and his firm. So the short answer is “no” regarding whether the government can seek to forfeit the tobacco fees as part of the current prosecution. (ph)

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