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Column by Senator Roger Wicker

Column by Senator Roger Wicker

By: Magnolia Tribune - January 18, 2008

Editorial, 1/18/8

After Governor Barbour appointed me to the United States Senate, one of my
first priorities was to travel to the four corners of Mississippi, listening
to the people all across our great state. I think I know their philosophy
and hearts, but there is certainly more that I can learn.

Last weekend my campaign ended a week-long bus tour. Gayle and I traveled
across the length and breadth of our state, meeting with thousands of
Mississippians on a tour that accumulated nearly 1,400 miles and covered 32
cities and 27 counties.

During my time in the U.S. House of Representatives, I never paid attention
to the lines that separated Mississippi’s Congressional Districts when
working on initiatives to boost jobs and improve our quality of life. I
have always sought to work across party lines and district lines to help
move all of Mississippi forward.

During my recent bus tour, I was reminded of the similarities and common
bonds we have as Mississippians. No matter the terrain, from the
Mississippi Delta to the rolling hills of North Mississippi to the Piney
Woods to the mighty Mississippi River to the Gulf Coast, we Mississippians
recognize the faith in a higher power, the strength of the family, and the
simple generosity in helping our neighbors. I’m proud to call Mississippi

As I toured the Gulf Coast I heard stories of tribulation and triumph and
hope. Local officials made it clear that Katrina is still a pressing
concern and South Mississippi needs help from the federal government.
Hearing these personal stories is something I will never forget. This is
not about politics or partisanship. This is about the well-being of
thousands of Mississippians. When I return to Washington later this month,
I will continue fighting for those on the Gulf Coast so South Mississippi
can continue the recovery and rebuilding process. I look forward to working
with Thad Cochran to push the Flood Insurance Reform and Modernization Act
to the Senate floor. Thad and I also will continue fighting for additional
funds for the rebuilding effort.

As the bus made it up to Jackson, I saw several longtime friends from the
State Legislature and met new elected representatives from all
across Mississippi. As I traveled across our state, I found a common
theme: Mississippians are looking for a Senator to continue fighting for
conservative values in Washington. I will do just that.

It was encouraging to receive the support of Mississippians from all walks
of life during the bus tour. I have an awesome responsibility ahead of me
as your new United States Senator from Mississippi. I am eager to get to
work. Serving as a United States Senator is a responsibility I take very
seriously. As I transition into this new role, I continue to have a lot to
learn. I hope you will share your thoughts with me. My door will always be

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