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FOLO – U.S. v. Scruggs, defense...

FOLO – U.S. v. Scruggs, defense discovery reply

By: Magnolia Tribune - January 12, 2008

U.S. v. Scruggs, defense discovery reply

Scruggs, father and son, and Backstrom have filed a reply on their motion to compel discovery in U.S. v. Scruggs. A couple of tidbits of information: It confirms that the search of Langston’s office was about two cases in which Langston represented Scruggs. It suggests that the government is not following the taint team procedure outlined in a previous post– when they conclude that something is not privileged, the reply says, the document will be sent on to the prosecutors, not held for assertion of a possible objection by the searched attorney. The lawyers electronically signing it are Keker, Trapp, and Tannehill, with no one signing for Zach.


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