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All about Eaves

All about Eaves

By: Magnolia Tribune - September 16, 2007

All about Eaves

Eaves criticized Barbour’s push to review the state’s tax system to determine what reforms are needed. Instead of studying taxes, Eaves said, the governor should have pushed for a tobacco tax increasegrocery tax cut. Barbour has instead blocked legislative efforts for such a tax swap.

“Everybody has to eat,” Eaves said. “We have a lot of seniors on fixed incomes struggling to make ends meet and they’re the ones that really needed this grocery tax-tobacco tax swap. (Barbour) used to represent the big tobacco companies . . . and if not for that, we may have gotten the grocery tax relief, which Mississippians need.”

Eaves, who said “all good things come from prayer,” wants voluntary and student-led prayers in the state’s public schools. His plan is to set aside 10 minutes before morning roll calls in classrooms for prayer.

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