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Kim WAAADE sidekick banned

Kim WAAADE sidekick banned

By: Magnolia Tribune - September 7, 2007

Kamikaze this week was banned from WJNT by its management after callers brought the attention of Kamikaze’s lyrics to the station. Kamikaze, a la the Dixie Chicks, pitched the requisite hissy fit claiming that “Freedom of speech no longer exists in this country.”

Apparently, Kamikaze has a little trouble understanding the concept of “freedom of speech”. Freedom of speech means that you can, for the most part, express your views in anyway you see fit as long as it does not infringe on the rights of others. Freedom of speech is not a ticket you can cash in that guarantees you a medium to express it. WJNT or any media outlet is a private business and they have the right and an obligation to their advertisers to ensure that the content on their station reflects whatever it is the owners want.

This is the power of individual choice and private enterprise at work. Kamikaze is in no way prohibited from having a concert and saying F*** George Bush. But a private company has just said, “You can’t do it here”. I am sure he has an ample home to get his message out at the Jackson Free Press, who coddles anti-Americanism and anti-George Bush sentiments at every available opportunity.

The truth is, I have met Kamikaze several times and like him. We have friends in common. I don’t wish any ill on him. But he’s wrong here. Wrong as (to borrow the phrase from KIM WAAAADE) Apartheid.

Let us all take this opportunity to issue an APB for our man, Kim Wade. After his defeat in the Hinds County DAs race, he needs to come back and take his medicine.

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